Step- By- Step Moon Salutation- Chandra Namaskar

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1.Mountain Pose – Tadasana and Raised arms Pose – Urdhva Hastasana
begin the sequence standing in Mountain Pose – Tadasana.

Hello Neha is here.

Inhale – Hook the thumbs of your outstretched arms as you improve them up over the head.
this change of Raised fingers Pose -Urdhva Hastasana is a backbend, so attain the hands
in the direction of the wall in the back of you.

2.Standing forward Bend – Uttanasana

Exhale – Fold forward right into a version of standing forward Bend – Uttanasana. As you
exhale, permit the arms swing down behind your again. Interlace your fingers at the back of the returned
and bring your palms over your head as you fold ahead.

3.Lunge Pose

Inhale – release your interlaced hands as you swing the fingers up subsequent to your ears and
step the right foot lower back to the give up of your mat entering a high Lunge.



4.Downward Facing dog – Adho Mukha Svanasana

Exhale – Drop the hands to the the front of your mat as you step the left foot to the back of
the mat coming into Downward dealing with canine.


5.Plank Pose

Inhale – Come ahead into Plank Pose.

6.Exhale – lower down to Knees, Chest, Chin.
Inhale – Come forward into Cobra PosE
Exhale – lower down to Chaturanga.

Inhale – Come ahead to Upward dealing with canine.




7.Back todownward facing dog

Exhale – thrust back to Downward dealing with canine.

8.Lunge Pose
Inhale – Step the proper foot to the front of your mat as you deliver the fingers up subsequent to
your ears getting into a high Lunge Pose.

9.standing ahead Bend – Uttanasana
status ahead Bend – Uttanasana

Exhale – Step the left foot forward to meet the proper foot as you swing the hands down and
interlace the palms at the back of your returned getting into a version of standing ahead Bend –

10.Raised hands Pose – Urdhva Hastasana and Mountain Pose – Tadasana
Raised palms Pose – Urdhva Hastasana and Mountain Pose – Tadasana.

Inhale – release the arms from in the back of your lower back and hook the thumbs in front of you as
you come back up to face. In a non-stop movement, take the palms up and again behind you
coming into Raised palms Pose -Urdhva Hastasana.

Exhale – bring the fingers returned along the facet of the frame as you return into Mountain
Pose – Tadasana.


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